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This has been a PSA. Thank you. 

Literally everybody needs to understand this IMMEDIATELY

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this episode changed me forever

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"Free shipping on all orders"

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Government: We want to keep pregnancy rates in young girls down!
Government: *Has terrible sex education for young girls*
Government: *Charges lots of money for birth control*
Government: *Charges lots of money for pregnancy tests*
Government: *Charges lots of money for plan b pills*
Government: *Is against abortion*



This is the greatest knock knock joke in the history of all knock knocks jokes ever told, ever.

I think my favourite thing about this is the poor guy asking them not to do this again. how many times has this happened. he knew what was going to happen at the start. is this a regular occurrence

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twitter will literally delete an account for having annoying tweets but tumblr staff needs a 2000 word essay and a blood sacrifice in order for them to even consider taking down a neo nazis blog

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